Interactive Advertising Bureau

“Julie has led our Silicon Valley-Madison Avenue bridge initiative, with spectacular results. She built our agency relations program and positioned us in the creative- and media-agency space, places where we’d been virtually absent. It’s led to such vital programs as the initiative to redevelop brand-hospitable ad formats. Pretty much all recruitment for our Agency Advisory Board, and agenda-setting, is run by Julie.”

Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB


“Pre-acquisition and post-acquisition for Tumblr, Julie Thompson opened doors we didn’t even know existed. Her go-to-market direction, messaging and marketing approaches were outstanding at critical points in our trajectory. Her connections are meaningful, creative and hugely strategic.”

Lee Brown, Chief Revenue Officer, BuzzFeed

TED Ads Worth Spreading

“Julie was the absolute only choice for us when looking for someone to lead our global Ads Worth Spreading initiative. To get it off the ground, to reach out to the international ad community, to help with TED’s ultimate mission to elevate online advertising––and advertising in general––and celebrate great work worth sharing.”

Ronda Carnegie, former Head of TED Global Partnerships

Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance Pro-Regulatory Team

“Julie, you helped us advance our agenda and speed this deal through Department of Justice approval via industry trade association support by a minimum of four-to-six months. We all know the GIANT accomplishment you helped with. Thanks again.”

John Kelly, Lead Microsoft Search Alliance Attorney

IAA-United Nations Hopenhagen Climate Change Project

“Julie helped rally the heads of ad-world holding companies, top CEOs and leading creatives to create a campaign to influence global leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference in Denmark in 2009. No one else could have helped us more to pull off “Hopenhagen,” a campaign of hope and crowd-sourced action.”

Michael Lee, Managing Director, International Advertising Association

General Industry Influencing

“I have never seen anyone who unites people and ideas the way you do. There are some people who are great with others, some who are strategic and great with ideas. You have this amazing ability to unite both and make really important things happen. You have earned respect far and wide.”

Rosemarie Ryan, CEO, Co: Collective

“You seem to be everywhere and you add fuel to every fire. You are a serious conduit.”

Jeff Benjamin, Founder, Disco